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Why use ChatGini

Suitable for any business

Customize the questions as per your industry requirement

No coding required

Just place a single line of code on your website. Easy to implement.

Very fast, doesn't impact your site speed

Chatginie loads asynchronously. No impact on your site-speed

Awesome Design

Beautiful and responsive. Desktop, Mobile, or Tablet. Chatgini is smart to adapt

Export your leads to your CRM

API available to export your leads to your CRM

Custom flow

Design your questions flow in a drag drop structure. Suited for all marketers

Create more qualified pipeline and revenue, faster

Chatgini is your 24x7 employee which caters to every customer coming on your website. Following are the benefits if you use chatgini on your website :
More Sales/Revenue
Less time to close a deal
Increase Revenue, Not Team Size
Qualified Pipeline and Revenue

What people say about ChatGini

Businesses from all industries love using ChatGini

Easy to Use with Tons of Awesome Features

Chatginie is smart and improves itself everyday. It use AI/ML to answer even those questions which even a human finds it tough. Your chatginie knows everything and comes with tons of features :
Customized Flow
GPT3 Integration to answer even the unknowns
Integration with your CRM

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Lead Generation

With ChatGini Accelerated Conversational Lead Generation Platform, Your customers can shop wherever, whenever, and however, they want.

Conversational Lead generation in the real world is personal, information-rich and affirming. ChatGini helps you digitize the same experience, scale it and deploy it across all messaging platforms.
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